Sunday, August 14, 2016

August in the Garden

It has been a really mild winter and quite busy getting the vegetable garden prepared for planting next month, the soil is too cold just yet and we are still getting frosts.

My small compost bin was getting full and was always a short term build, so my husband dug out for the posts and made a new compost area with three sections from pallets. He used a few steel waratahs to make it a bit more sturdy and an old section of picket fence on the end facing toward the house.

Old picket fence comes in handy.

Pallets, pallets, pallets !!!
All of the compost from the old bin went straight onto the vegetable gardens, along with some old straw and chook poop from the chook house (will be thinking about getting chickens again sometime soon).We had planted a green crop of Lupins and this had already been dug in to the garden.

The big vege garden dug over and getting ready for planting.

All the spinach and silver beet eaten by the sparrows !
We have also completed out the front and removed all of the grass and replaced it with the local Teddington chip and it looks great.
All the natives are growing like crazy.

Narcissus paper whites in bloom, the daffodils will be next.
And the Daphne and Rhododendron President Roosevelt are starting to flower, so pretty.

Gorgeous Daphne.

The garage was repiled and all of the bottom board and batten removed, so it was time to put something back on, as a new garden box is in the plan. And because I hate to waste anything I decided to use the old Rimu boards. Some were a bit rotten from sitting against the soil, so they all got a trim and cut to fit the slope, they may not look pretty, but there is still many years of use left in them, it takes a long time to rot Rimu ! And I had fun using the circular saw, something I have never used before, having a table saw and drop saw.

Nope, not pretty, but the new garden box will sit in front.

Post holes dug and ready to start building, exciting looking at a  pile of dirt !

Saturday, July 9, 2016


It's winter and although it has been really mild so far, the birds in our garden always need an extra bit of help this time of year.
I buy a bag of wild bird seed and that lasts about a week and goes into the trough I made. I fill it most days  and also put out pieces of apple. All of the silver beet and spinach in the vegetable garden has been eaten, I call it their salad bar.
And yesterday we had a huge number of wee birds feeding, they must be hungry.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A busy weekend

Busy and tiring, moving 9m of firewood is hard work, and I stacked about 7m onto the pallets, husband brought it over in the wheel barrow and then I stacked it, he did the other couple of meters in another area. So that was our Saturday job and even though it is the beginning of May, it is still really warm and very dry, we should be having proper Autumn weather by now and some rain, we really need the rain.

That's a lot of firewood, looks lovely.
And after a long time (about six years) without the door being on the laundry, I got my brother in law to frame up the doorway and rehang the door. And as with everything else in our wee house, nothing is every straight forward, so lots of packing and fiddling around to get it as good as it's ever going to get.

The door had been cut to fit the original doorway and the badly sloping floor, so there was a gap at the top and an even bigger one at the bottom. And this was when I took over to finish it off, he did the tough part ! Using more packers and plywood I covered in all the odd bits underneath and made it weather tight. 

I had some grey paint left over from the office, so I have used that to undercoat both the door and frame work, it will get its final paint this week, hopefully.

The top boards are creating an illusion that the door is straight.

Fiddly side bits

It looks better already with an undercoat!
Okay, I have been in to town and bought the paint yesterday, and today was a nice day, warm, but not too sunny so I could paint.

Maybe later in the week, once the two coats have had a good chance to dry properly, I will put on another coat. But the result is pretty good, pleased with how it came out and it looks so much better than before!

Friday, March 25, 2016

This is what happens when you roll in something bad !

Our lovely wee girl Sam is great, but sometimes she lets herself down, by rolling in something totally disgusting and very smelly.
So it was bath time and she was not happy, funny !

Oh the indignity of having a bath !!!

Getting rinsed (warm water)

Action shot, freedom and now to roll around on the grass !

A bountiful season

This season has been fantastic in the garden, lots and lots of great crops and the last would have to be the pumpkins, not as many as in previous years, but bigger. So they are tucked away to dry out and improve over the next month or so, and then they will be ready to eat and give away to family and friends, too many for us!

Bee versus spider

While I was sitting outside, having coffee I saw a drama unfold, a bee had landed on a pipe and was ensnared in a spider web, then before you could blink the spider had him !

A bit of a struggle

Going, going


Friday, February 5, 2016


The wee girl does not like having her photo taken, no idea why, but I managed to get this one of her, in her favourite spot under the table in the courtyard, lots of shade and a nice breeze.

Not impressed !