Sunday, November 1, 2015

The last seat (for a while, maybe, hard to tell, don't really know)

My creative binge is just about over for now, but who can say, I might go crazy and start again tomorrow.
The plan was to make a bench for either the end of the bed or against the wall,  a place to put pillows, throws etc. and I found lot of pictures of slat benches and there was one with instructions, which I followed, but next time I would definitely make differently. As for painting it fully assembled, nightmare !
I used dressed pine and since it soaks up paint, I wanted to undercoat it first and then spray it glossy black. The outside edges were easy, with a small roller and even the top edge of the slats was okay. But there was no way of getting a regular sized paint brush in between, so I had to resort to a small art brush, it took ages. Then the actual spray painting was straight forward, again next time (?), construct, take apart, paint, construct.
The legs I got from an old stool I bought at the Salvation Army, for that retro look.

I also added small offcuts as a decorative feature, placed randomly between the slats.

Just some photo's of the painting etc.

Using a small foam roller to add an undercoat.

Painting the legs.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vegetable and Knot garden

Other than woodworking, the garden is a big passion and springtime is wonderful.

The knot garden after it's spring trim

Large vegetable garden ready for planting

Smaller gardens full of vegetables

Chives, lettuce, onions 

Broad Beans
The lower garden starting to bloom

Spring Garden

Just a few photo's of the garden, I love spring, everything looks lovely and fresh.

Grasses garden and the bird feeding trough 
Kowhai tree in bloom

All in native plants

Kereru, native wood pigeon about to start eating the young laburum leaves

The clematis is the second I have planted on the trellis I had made, the first one just kind of died, but this one is doing really well.
The Clematis in full bloom
Gorgeous Cantua flowers

Cantua buxifolia is a beautiful plant, with the most amazing coloured flowers, orange to bright pink, just stunning. It is also known as Inca Bells.

The last two months work.

Rather than posting I have been working on quite a few projects and also the garden, this is what happens in the Spring !

So first of all is the furniture, I have been given some beautiful timber and it is just too tempting, so I had to make a few wee things.

First was a tall, thin shelf for the handbags.

Perfect handbag storage

This was actually made from purchased dressed pine, it is nice and light and didn't take that long to make. The detailing across the front, was a piece of gilt frame, to pretty it up.

And next is .......

Seat and storage
I had seen this photo of an amazing seat made from an old mail cart, that had been made into a seat. The back and sides were much higher, but I made this from recycled Rimu and it was really, really heavy, we could barely lift it ! 

And then ......

Console table
The Rimu timber was a real mess, filthy and rough sawn, but the top of this table was a lovely piece of timber and perfect for this slim console table.

But wait there's more.......
Garden bench seat
After watching Better Homes and Gardens (Australia) I had the perfect board (and really thick at 50mm ). And it was very simple to do and it is very sturdy.
There is another project on the go, later.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

More Recycling

And this time it is old Rimu T & G floorboards, the worst job is getting rid of all the layers of horrible polyurethane and for that the best thing is a belt sander, with a  nice coarse sandpaper, works a treat.
As always I wear lots of safety gear, mask, goggles and ear protection and have the shop vac going to collect as much dust as possible.
But the results are always worth the effort and the timber looks amazing.

After the sanding and removing the polyurethane, so much nicer.

Finished, with several coats of shellac on the timber and spray painted on the frame.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sewing Days


It is just too cold to be out in the garage to finish my latest woodworking project ( a new outdoor seat), so I have been sewing, that was after my old (30+ years) machine finally died and I bought a basic Elna machine. It does everything I need and it works really well, without all the rattles and clunks of the old machine, RIP.

The Fabric Store (formerly Global Fabrics) has finally returned to Christchurch after losing their shop in the earthquake and have a gorgeous new shop at the Tannery. And I am so, so enjoying being able to buy their fabrics again. And since it is the winter it's the perfect time to be thinking and planning ahead for spring and summer. No better place to get ideas than Pinterest !

I bought these three fabrics and started sewing !

Now what can I turn these in to ????

Copper coloured silk
Navy and cream feathers cotton
Grey and bright pink silk

White linen

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Weather

It is proving to be a good winter here with some snow and a couple of amazing frosts, firstly the snow in June, on the way home I stopped near the top of Dyers Pass and took a couple of photo's of Lyttelton Harbour with the snow capped Mt Herbert, Mt Bradley and Mt Evans behind.
What a truly beautiful place to live !

Lyttelton Harbour
And then the last two mornings, we have had frost and then as usual, a beautiful sunny day.
Renga's covered in ice
Ice crystals on ceramic ball
Knot garden

The front garden