Friday, February 5, 2016


The wee girl does not like having her photo taken, no idea why, but I managed to get this one of her, in her favourite spot under the table in the courtyard, lots of shade and a nice breeze.

Not impressed !

Around the garden

It's a nice day today, our Summer is well and truly here, so it was time for a few photo's around the garden.

Totara stump, with lichen in front of Renga's

Hydrangea paniculata 
The second show of Celine Forestier.

Amazing colours of Celine Forestier (Noisette, France 1842) and bug.

Pineapple Lily (Eucomis).

Chatham Island Forget Me Not (Myosotidium hortensia), yet to flower, can't wait !

Oops, I don't know the name of this grass, but it is amazing and huge!

Closeup of the Pineapple Lily

Old fashioned pink rose (a mystery), has an amazing perfume.

Tiger Lily, watch out for the pollen it will never wash out if you get it on your clothes !

Espaliered apples, possibly Cox's Orange Pippin

Monday, January 25, 2016

Clouds and Mountains

This morning on my way in to town I just had to stop and take a couple of photo's of the magnificent
Mt Bradley  (855m) and the amazing clouds coming over the top. The cloud does this quite a bit, but I don't always have my camera with me, so I'm glad I did.

The cloud looks like it is literally pouring over the mountain

A wee bit closer
 And then there was this on the drive, the flax flowers behind the Red Hot Pokers, and both a favourite with the Bellbirds, full of nectar.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Red Carpet

Hi there,
We are very fortunate to have a beautiful Pohutukawa tree (Pohutukawa Metrosideros excelsa) in our garden and although they are endemic to the North Island of New Zealand, they go grow quite happily here in the South Island. Sometimes referred to as the New Zealand Christmas tree, because they flower around that time of the year. Well, ours is a wee bit slower, so it is normally a few weeks after, but what a show ! The flowers are actually a mass of stamens and they tree is literally buzzing with all the bees and birds, particularly the native Bellbird and their glorious song.
And then the flowers start to fall and the ground is a red carpet.

The tree full height

The red carpet is thick on the boardwalk

The tree is covered in flowers
Our steps to nowhere

Such a pretty colour

It's everywhere !

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The last seat (for a while, maybe, hard to tell, don't really know)

My creative binge is just about over for now, but who can say, I might go crazy and start again tomorrow.
The plan was to make a bench for either the end of the bed or against the wall,  a place to put pillows, throws etc. and I found lot of pictures of slat benches and there was one with instructions, which I followed, but next time I would definitely make differently. As for painting it fully assembled, nightmare !
I used dressed pine and since it soaks up paint, I wanted to undercoat it first and then spray it glossy black. The outside edges were easy, with a small roller and even the top edge of the slats was okay. But there was no way of getting a regular sized paint brush in between, so I had to resort to a small art brush, it took ages. Then the actual spray painting was straight forward, again next time (?), construct, take apart, paint, construct.
The legs I got from an old stool I bought at the Salvation Army, for that retro look.

I also added small offcuts as a decorative feature, placed randomly between the slats.

Just some photo's of the painting etc.

Using a small foam roller to add an undercoat.

Painting the legs.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vegetable and Knot garden

Other than woodworking, the garden is a big passion and springtime is wonderful.

The knot garden after it's spring trim

Large vegetable garden ready for planting

Smaller gardens full of vegetables

Chives, lettuce, onions 

Broad Beans
The lower garden starting to bloom

Spring Garden

Just a few photo's of the garden, I love spring, everything looks lovely and fresh.

Grasses garden and the bird feeding trough 
Kowhai tree in bloom

All in native plants

Kereru, native wood pigeon about to start eating the young laburum leaves

The clematis is the second I have planted on the trellis I had made, the first one just kind of died, but this one is doing really well.
The Clematis in full bloom
Gorgeous Cantua flowers

Cantua buxifolia is a beautiful plant, with the most amazing coloured flowers, orange to bright pink, just stunning. It is also known as Inca Bells.