Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New storage

With one 6m barge board left over, I didn't want to waste it, so I turned it into shelving for some lovely old wooden boxes.

It fits nicely next to the vertical storage I made previously. I really loved the old boxes, but they were a bit dark and grotty looking, now they sit nicely inside the shelves, to hold shoes, jandals and the ash bucket. And the dog biscuits and bowl on the top, plus the wire bucket we use for recycling.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Office/old bedroom

Our son has left home and it has taken just over a month to finish the renovation of the bedroom into an office, and first up was to clean out the room of the old unwanted furniture. Some went to charity and others to the dump, no one wanted it. The only pieces we kept were the desk and bookcase, all of the books we put out at the gate with a "free" sign and they all went, plus any games and DVD's.

 I use Resene Lumbersider paint, the darker wall is Cape Cod and the other walls are Boulder, all of the trim and ceiling is Resene white. And now it is all done and looking pretty spiffy.

The After
Just two shades of grey on the walls.
Looking in to the room, the desk was sanded back and had a few coats of shellac. The desk lamp is very cool with an LED light. The pictures are from our son when he was about five and I had them framed.
Roman Blind and notice board
On the large window I made a Roman blind from some IKEA curtains I had bought and had no where to use them, I just loved the fabric, botanical print with flowers and bugs. The cork notice board was spruced up with some gold spray paint on the frame and a star burst.
Desk caddy
I had made the desk caddy ages ago, it should hold a lot of pens !
IKEA Poster
We don't have IKEA in New Zealand, so my friend sent the poster to me from Australia and I put some battens on the wall and then used double sided tape. The bookcase I made from pine and then stained it several years ago.
Fire Fighter helmet and kiddy chair
My husband is a volunteer fire fighter and this old helmet was given to our son, the chair he used when he was little.

The Before

The walls are hardboard and had lots of staples from posters, so all the holes needed to be filled and sanded back. There was also some earthquake damage that needed some "No More Gaps". The door looks much better now, with new putty and several coats of paint.
The original colour and lots of patching prep work

The very ugly strip light had to go
The ceiling is Pinex, so when the strip light was removed by the electrician, some of the ceiling came with it, nothing a few coats of paint couldn't fix. I replaced the section of quarter round to meet in the middle for the new pendant.

Starting on the lighter colour
Once all the prep work was done, the actual painting didn't take too long, about two coats  with a roller, it definitely gives a much better finish than a brush. I used a mini roller on the door frames and window, plus a cutting in brush.

Putting the first coat of shellac on the desk
All the desk really needed was a sand back to remove any marks and then several coats of shellac to restore the wood.
The secret store of food from 2009
When we were cleaning out the room, this is what we found under his bed, the biscuits were all gone, but the muesli bars (dated best before 2009) were still there.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Out walking

Yesterday was a lovely Autumn day and I haven't had a walk for ages, and this is what I get to look at. This is Lyttelton Harbour from our side, the hills in the distance are the Port Hills and on the other side of them is Christchurch.
I took these on my phone at about 9am.

looking across the paddocks to the Port Hills

A nice gentle slope after puffing my way up what I like to call "killer hill".

The port of Lyttelton across the harbour

The water tank.

Vertical firewood storage

I found a really cool photo on Pinterest of a wood storage unit and it was exactly what I wanted to make for our mudroom, it would take up much less room than the box I made previously. And as usual I wanted to use timber I already had, and there was quite a lot of left over from the reroofing, mainly 2x4's and barge boards, excellent.

It fits ! 
And here are a few photo's of the build, it started with a base of 2x4's and then I ripped down some of the barge boards to make the sides, back and top. The barge boards come already primed, so were nice and easy to paint.

Going well

The bottom shelf was offcuts from the stereo shelves

Outside and ready to paint

A little bit of trim to cover up the raw edge

Stereo Shelves

Our son has just left home and he needed a stand for his stereo and I was the right person to make it for him, as he had already designed a headphone stand and I had made it for him, lucky him.

It was a very simple design and we decided to go with pine, rather than recycled native timber, as he prefers the cleaner lines and lighter colour.

Finished off with shellac.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The courtyard seat is finished

Just an update on my courtyard seat, here it is with the small coffee table.

The seat and coffee table are being well used.

The painting of the seat took longer than planned, as the weather wasn't the best for spraying, either too windy or rain, so I just had to go for it first thing the other morning and got the majority of the seat with one coat. The electric sprayer was pretty good, but I need to practice a bit more.

All painted
 This old table is very handy and I use it to put the washing basket and pegs on while I am hanging out the washing. So time for a new top and a bit more of the macrocarpa planks were just perfect. The first plank on the left has had a coat of shellac, and brings out the lovely colour of the timber.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Courtyard Seat

The new seat is nearly finished, just waiting to be painted and a few finishing touches to tidy it up.

I was really pleased with the table I made for the courtyard, so it was time to start on the seat and I used a basic plan that used 2 x 4's, nice and strong and easy to put together. Because it is for outside I used stainless steel screws and this is how I did it.

The basic frame

Handy hint, when matching pieces draw on a triangle and number it.

Handy hint, mark which face you want to see.

Brilliant right angle clamps, makes it easy to glue and screw.

An old door about to be pulled apart for the seat slats.

This door came from the school bus shed and was solidly made of Rimu T &G and took a lot of hard work to take it apart, unfortunately the T&G was so heavily painted over it split, so I had to take some off.

Demo in progress

Once the slats were cleaned up they were attached to the base, time for the legs.

Clamps are so, so handy while it is getting glued and screwed.

Getting the cross beams in place.
So today it was all about finishing the back slats and also the capping, I didn't have enough slats, so a nice piece of skirting came in handy.

Working out how the back will look.
And the finished seat is looking pretty good and I got to use the brad gun again, yippee.